week 1 (ICM): omg im coding!

WHAT an exciting weekend this was!

being that I’m 100% new to coding, this was truly a BIG moment for me.

I went ahead and rounded out the vibe by messing with the background values til I achieved the “look” I was going for:

Looking at my perfect circle in hot pink/orange, I realized it would be best to make a cat. so I shrunk the circle into a teeny tiny head and made a cat!

so I got a little carried away with the creation of this and forgot to fully document the process (lesson learned)! but anyhow, I initially regretted making her head so tiny because I had squint to keep making her, but I was too far in the process to start re-scaling and re-positioning all her elements. but I managed to turn this into an opportunity to create an environment for her so that she now has a moon (with craters that are all shaped the same because those arc()s are real tricky) and a sun to boot!

Generally, I found the web editor really easy to use, and it made everything feel cohesive. I felt safe to venture out and break the example codes and experiment. This draw function in particular reminded me a lot of my time using Premiere to affect scale/position/rotation etc by manually entering values. that being said, I definitely didn’t even try to get into rotate() because apparently it rotates based on the entire canvas rather than itself as an object. yikes. and I couldn’t quite figure out how to get the arc() I wanted for the tail and the craters, but I made do. it also took a little getting used to hitting the “play” button to see the outcome.


I definitely see how computation applies to my background and interest in video editing, sound design / music editing, immersive (virtual/augmented/mixed/extended) realities and platforms, and cats.

As a video editor, I think that the magical human element and decision making process is essential to putting a meaningful cut together, but “happy accidents” have also been a big part of my creative process. I could see how computation could help generate those in a creative but controlled way, especially in a less traditionally narrative form, like with fashion commercials or video art. And then so many possibilities with generating graphics, animating them, and making them interactive.

But by moving beyond video into the immersive sphere, I’m increasingly interested in the relationship between physical and virtual spaces, and augmenting/enhancing virtual spaces with physical elements to heighten the experience. I can envision mapping some kind of defunct, tangible keyboard to one that reveals itself in a virtual space and creates beautiful notes that come alive and animate (perhaps even multi-user duets or symphonies can be created as well).

Moving further beyond, when it comes to thinking about computation for an immersive platform my brain implodes, so will have to think about that some other time.

This project, “City Symphonies – Westminster” by Mark McKeague is really cool!! I feel like these kinds of sound-based projects are not always pleasant to listen to, but this is nice. and I like the execution of the animated notes, mimicking traffic pattern.

And as for cats, I hope my computational drawing above speaks for itself.