Fab // Flashlighty Magic Box

Here’s my process of making my flashlightbox:

I came across this pile of yarn on the junk shelf:

I felt the need to do something with this, but went down to Canal street for further inspiration, where I found a pink battery-powered LED string light and pink-ish shiny translucent thin plastic sheets:

So armed with pink stuff, I thought about what I could do with these materials and remembered a hanging lamp that I bought from the MoMA store made of similar material, which came unassembled with instructions on how to put it together with pre-cut paper:

I love the look of this and the light it emits, and the concept of folding material together without any adhesives or hardware. So I decided I’d attempt to channel my childhood origami skills to make a box filled with light.

I started by testing it out on printing paper:

I wasn’t sure how the sizing would work between the top and bottom boxes, but I took started with a slightly smaller sheet of square paper for the bottom box, which worked well, so I replicated this for the actual and started folding:

The two boxes ended up fitting pretty well, and I managed to incorporate the pink string to tie it all together. I do wish there were a more elegant solution to turning the light on and off (I have to open the box now to get to it). I also wish the folds on the inside held better, since I prefer to stick the concept of not using adhesives. But all in all, it turned out better than expected.