Fab // Cat Toys x5

Since I had all this yarn left over from my last project, and all these cats at home, I made some cat toys to make up for all the time I don’t spend at home with the cats. Here’s what I started out with:

I found some scrapped wood in the trash, fuzzy fabric, and foam (I was hell bent on scavenging this week). I started by cutting and sanding the vertical parts of the wood into 5 rods:

I then started wrapping the yarn around the one end of the rods- I really wanted to avoid using glue or chemicals of any kind for the safety of the kitties, so I had to find ways to wrap the yarn around itself to keep it secure on the rod:

Knowing the cats’ preferences, I picked out the fuzziest fabric I could find in the “free fabric” bin, and cut them into square pieces, to wrap around foam, which I cut into round pieces. I poked a hole through both to pass the string though and tie the string around itself, again, to avoid using glue.

They’re not the prettiest, but I’m pretty happy with them 🙂

and my user-testing session was a huge success!!