Fab // Cat Tags

I made cat tags for my laser cutting assignment because never got around to getting tags for Uni & Schnitzel and I wanted to try etching. I also made them for 2 other cats I know.

Using the laser cutter was really intimidating and I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I love the look of clear acrylic so I’m happy I now know how. It took more tries than I thought it might. My first one was wayyy too big, and when I made them smaller, the etching was really faint, even though I ran it at least 3 or 4 times and lowered the speed:

So someone suggested I use the 75 watt laser cutter to get better results. I only had to run it through twice for it to cut through smoothly and engrave deeper:

I printed 2 sets so I could do one version with the sharpie / dry erase trick to make the etching stand out more. I thought I’d prefer the clear ones, but I think the sharpie version is cuter. I’ll probably end up making more as gifts!