Enclosure // More Light Box

For my enclosure assignment, I wanted to expand on my flashlight box to add buttons and holes for the switch and cable. I want to use this for my PComp/ICM final, as a controller for video content and I’m really happy I got to dedicate some efforts towards making this look decent.

I started off by going to a store called 8 Bit and Up Video Games in the East Village. They had an amazzzzing collection of buttons:

I pick clear ones, since I wanted the light from the box to shine through them. I unscrewed them to draw the circles to cut in the box using a box cutter to make them fit snug.

One I cut the holes, I screwed the buttons on from the bottom and I’m really happy with the result – the box has a flexible feel to it because it’s not totally rigid, but it also holds up well structurally.

I also managed to cut out some holes for the light switch on the side and the usb cable, as well as draw icons on the inside layer of the buttons.