Unreal // Club

For the Unreal exercise, I wanted to have a woman dancing in a nightclub, so I made my character in Mixamo and exported her T-pose and two different animations – ninja idle, and hip-hop dancing.

I ended up spending a ton of time on the building the scene itself and learning how the materials and lighting work together:

Everything was working fine until I tried importing my character and changing its material settings in Blueprint, at which point Unreal kept crashing while compiling the changes. Lowering the Engine Scalability settings seemed to get me further and I was able to load the two fbx animations into the Sequencer, with a cross fade between them to make the transition smoother.

I definitely want to delve further into Unreal Engine since this Blueprint format seems rather approachable.  I didn’t get to try scanning with the ipad, but I would like to explore that, as well as scanning objects into Unreal and making them move using keyframes in the Sequencer.