Magic Window!

For this first assignment, I didn’t deviate too far from this course’s title: MAGIC WINDOWS

I thought it would be interesting to try to alter the perception of space to teleport from within the inside of a room. I tried changing the scenery of the outside world by projecting live video feed from Tokyo, onto the inside of a window from my friend’s place in the East Village. After spending all of January hanging around Shibuya, this is the place I wanted to be teleported to the most, so I found this live webcam feed of Shibuya crossing:

and taped white paper onto the glass to project onto:

After tweaking around MadMapper for a bit:

I also thought it would be cool to project the actual street view in the East Village back onto the window, so you could still get the real view of the street while having the window fully covered up and private. I hooked up a webcam to look onto the street corner, and since the night scene matched the lighting on the inside, it looked kind of uncanny; there was some pixelation because I had to blow up the video feed in MadMapper to fit the perspective, but I rather like the effect:

In thinking about integrating these two ideas and about possible futures of mixed reality, I started mocking up what it might look like to have someone call from overseas and have the room transform to that place’s time and atmosphere. Though the clip below doesn’t fully illustrate it, the idea is that when my mum in Tokyo calls, the window would change to the Shibuya crossing scene to heighten the sense of connection – a magic window 🙂

Finally, for a GIF that best fits me, here’s a representation of my beloved cats Uni & Schnitzel in my bed: