Virtual Buttons // Telepresence

Keeping in line with my video theme, I wanted to start exploring 360 video in AR to try to evoke a sensation of being elsewhere.  I had some 360 footage I shot in the desert of Israel and I used it as the texture on a sphere with inverted normals in Unity, with some opacity to be able to see the real world environment through it.

I initially wanted to make it a giant 360 video that surrounds the viewer by using the ground plane, but apparently my iPhone6 doesn’t support “SmartTerrain”. So I kept my image target, but I’m happy I was pushed to explore virtual buttons because by adding a rotating animation to the sphere, it made the experience better so the viewer can “spin” the video a full 360 degrees around the Y axis to see the whole environment without having to move all around it. I tried to apply extended tracking to a giant sphere that surrounds the viewer but it kept breaking, so the end result is a scaled down version, which has a different effect – kind of like a snow globe or crystal ball.

Ultimately I would love to try to have a live 360 video feed shown in this way, so the viewer can feel more connected in realtime to another location.

Augmentable Object Fantasy

The biggest obstacle I encounter every day when I’m trying to get out the door is getting dressed. This has been a problem in my life ever since I can remember, and so if I could augment any object, it would be an entire closet system that has all my clothing items and accessories scanned and integrated with an AR mirror. I realize this isn’t the most original idea; there are probably many companies developing this already, but I first came across the idea in “Clueless”, and have been dreaming about it ever since.

To expand on this idea, I think it would be amazing to have an augmentable wardrobe- clothing items that fully allow you to express yourself in AR. People could follow or subscribe to your “AR channel” and see your crazy outfit, hair style, or anything really.