Video Album

For my final project I would like to expand on one of my projects from the past few weeks.

One of the ideas I had was to continue experimenting with playing videos from still photos as an exploration of stories content and memories in physical spaces rather than in digital folders on a desktop – I’d like to continue de-archiving the hard drive I found with footage from 10 years ago to create a physical photo album to house all these memories in a non linear way (or perhaps, somewhat linear because the pages of a photo album are usually turned from left to right).  I would like to finesse the way the video starts playing on actual photos that are developed (fading up, mapping accurately, etc), and perhaps use virtual buttons to begin playback or sound.

I’d ultimately like this to be something like an interactive documentary, the adventure of a few wide-eyed 18-year-old college kids traveling down to this forgotten town of Centralia in Pennsylvania in 2007, shooting social media style “stories” on a camcorder with our Magnetic Fields and Beirut songs playing throughout our car rides. I believe there are only 7 inhabitants left in the town today, but there was also a time capsule that the town buried in 1966 that was uncovered after we shot all this footage in 2014, so in a way I think the format of this video content could mimic the idea of preserving lost memories of this town in physical artifacts.

Another separate idea I wanted to expand on is the 360 video orb. I’d ideally like to have the orb floating in space and when the user touches it, it expands to a larger semi-translucent 360 video sphere that encompasses the user’s immediate area. For this next week though, this might be a bit too tricky, as from my previous experiments trying to do this with Vuforia, the tracking kept breaking, and between my personal device and what’s available at the ER, I don’t have access to a device that can run ARKit. I would also ideally prefer to build this for the hololens, since I think the effect of looking around and feeling immersed in this sphere would be much much more effective without holding a screen up on a device to view it.