Self Portrait Avatars

Making my avatar with Fuse was an emotionally taxing process. First off, I started over multiple times because I was indecisive about whether to go for one of the more realistic models, or the animated. I settled on the animated one finally, and ended up spending far too much time trying to get the facial features right, only to realize I could actually rotate the avatar to look at it from sideways- which of course, looked crazy.

After trying to fix the face from all angles, I realized I was never going to get the eyes right, or the nose, or the lips for that matter.  I thought about going for a more abstract representation, but it was past the point of no return. In hindsight, I wish I had gone with the more realistic model to see if it could produce a more accurate representation.  As a cop out, I change my skin color and hair, and body metalness (which I realized I could change much later in the process) to push the eery over to scary.

So here’s my Fuse avatar that sort of vaguely might resemble me but not quite:

My bitmoji on the other hand, was much easier in comparison. Having preset options as opposed to a seemingly infinite combination of sliders was much simpler. And in the end, I think the bitmoji looks much more like me, perhaps because it’s so abstracted:

discussion thoughts based on readings:

  • what happens when someone’s preferred avatar is a representation that is traumatizing for someone else? (i.e a hitler avatar) and if that behavior is illegal in certain countries, how do we regulate a global community of players (and/or should we)?
  • Ethical issues on commenting on physical appearances of avatars- do harassment laws apply?
  • Will gender fluidity in games influence cultural expressions of identity?