final idea

For my avatar final, I would like to explore a pipeline that’s traditionally used for gamers to stream their experience, in order to allow people I know in my real social life to control my behavior in a virtual social space.  I’m interested in fostering a collaborative and collective experience through one avatar, as well as what it means to be able to switch between experiences to follow.

I have been exploring some twitch feeds of VRChat users and find the interaction between the streamer / user and Twitch “followers” fascinating. The Twitch follower can be both a passive observer, as well as as a potential active participant.  The streamer is always notified of any new followers or comments they receive and can choose to acknowledge them.

I’d like to upload an avatar to either the High Fidelity or VRChat platforms, and invite my friends to participate in a time-controlled event (or series of events) to experience my field of view and control my actions. Ideally I would like to have another friend in the virtual space to interact with, in order to heighten the level of immersion for the followers- and as a bonus, switch between my feed and my friend’s.  I will view any incoming twitch messages on my HMD and either respond or react to them accordingly.

It’s important to me that this interaction takes place within my existing social circle, in order to contain the experience somewhat and hopefully make it more cohesive, even if this means far less followers (I’m ok with this experiment just involving even one twitch follower).