Live Web midterm idea

I want to explore concepts we touched upon with the Citizens app, where anyone can stream out their perspective and essentially become a camera.  To take it a step further, users who are following someone else’s stream would be able to affect the streamer’s environment through sending a message, ideally by voicing their message in a localized space in a virtual environment. In order to do this, I plan on using Twitch to stream out a video feed of a VR headset, and use the Twitch API with for Unity.  The environment will be a simple space with a mirror in it, and the streaming user in the headset (most likely myself), will embody an avatar, seen through the mirror.

key things I’m going for:

  • a sense of copresence virtually through voice
  • share someone’s virtual perspective synchronously and be able to affect that environment via text to speech
  • explore any behavioral shifts that might occur from having chat texts voiced out loud